The Qigong Teacher

Ron Wiggers is the founder and owner of ISBC practice and training centre for integral stress management and Life-Coaching in The Hague, The Netherlands..

Throughout the years there was travel to China, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka and the middle East, where I came into contact with different forms and methods in the area of health and all around well-being from a diverse number of teachers of Qigong, meditation, attention-training as well as becoming more aware.

I first got into contact with Qigong 20 years ago in China. During my visit to the University Hospital of Chengdu, I noticed a group of people doing some form of physical exercise. It turned out to be Qigong, which I found fascinating.  Dr. Chen, who was coaching me at that time, explained that by practicing Qigong one can strengthen one’s immune system, respiratory, circulatory, and nervous as well as digestive system.

One of my teachers whom I followed a course with, had one stand point: “ Do not think in a Qigong style”. One style limits you in your development. Practice and experience the teacher’s style and then look to see what happens to you physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual well being.
Learn from other teachers and methods. After several years, the following phase is: improvising and creating your own methods.

That was how Tao Chi Qigong became to be. After years of teaching and having helped hundreds of clients who came with numerous physical, mental as well as emotional compalints, it was time to pass on these methods. That was how the Tao Chi Qigong course had been set up a number of years back. This was developed from the years of training and study with different instructors and teachers.

I hereby thank my teachers, instructors and those people that have inspired me.

Warm regards,

Ron Wiggers